Vanadium Extraction from Black Shale

360ip partner’s technology provides a method to extract vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and calcium silicate (Ca2SiO4) from black shale. CSU’s method involves: milling; oxidizing and roasting; decomposing in sub-molten solution; diluting; leaching; preparing V2O5; and making Ca2SiO4.

Compared to existing methods, the partner’s technology has the following advantages:

Simple process that requires less time (3-8.6 hours, excluding grinding time as grinding is present in all other processes and consumes almost the same amount of time in each process).

Low raw material consumption because of the recycling of NaOH and alkali solution. This results in lower production cost.

Superior environmental benefits as NaOH and NaNO3 are used instead of Cl and HCl in the initial stage.

Results in a second valuable end product (Ca2SiO4).

Competitive recovery and purity rates.