Composite Electrode Material for Electrochemical Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate

360ip Partner’s invention relates to a novel composite electrode with exceptional catalytic activity that can be used to synthesize DMC from CO2 and methanol at normal process conditions without the use of a catalyst.

The production of DMC using this technology involve two main steps. 1) Preparation of composite electrode, and 2) Electrolysis process.

360ip Partner’s technology has the following benefits:

Facilitates high reactivity of CO2 and effective utilization of CO2 resources.

Overcomes difficulties in preparation and regeneration of catalysts and high pressure requirements of conventional DMC synthesis.

Low-cost process given that the raw materials are inexpensive and easily available.

No harmful byproducts/gases, such as hydrogen chloride and polyol, are released.

Avoids corrosion of equipment unlike conventional phosgene and oxidative carbonylation processes.