3Y-TZP Ceramic Material with Enhanced Strength

Due to its high mechanical strength, thermal resistance, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties, tetragonal polycrystalline zirconia, partially stabilized with about 3 mol% yYttria (3Y-TZP) has found applications in a wide range of products including dental implants, bioceramics, cutting tools and even casings for watches. Increasing the fracture toughness of 3Y-TZP can allow the material to withstand higher stress and enhance its reliability and utility. However, current methods are not able to increase simultaneously both fracture toughness and strength.

The 360ip Partner’s invention employs simultaneous silicon carbide (SiC) whisker reinforcement and Sr2Nb2O7 piezoelectric secondary phase toughening to produce a composite ceramic with enhanced fracture toughness and strength.

Compared to existing methods, 3Y-TZP prepared according to the invention has the following advantages:

High fracture toughness (18-25 MPam1/2)

High strength (1600 -1800 MPa)

Simple preparation process

Shortened sintering time