Long-Circulation Liposome for Drug Delivery

The 360ip Partner’s invention relates to the preparation method and application of a hydrophobic-modified dextran-modified long-circulating liposome. The novel liposome consists of a phospholipid, cholesterol and hydrophobic-modified dextran.


Compared to existing methods, this long-circulating liposome has the following advantages:

Long-time circulation: Reduction in the phagocytosis of the liposome by the reticuloendothelial system slows down the clearing speed of the liposome, thus prolonging the residence time in the blood.

Targeting functionality: As free carboxyl exists on the modified dextran of the invention, the modified dextran can be reacted with targeting groups very conveniently, thereby further improving the active targeting function of the liposome.
High encapsulation rate: The encapsulation rate to a variety of drugs can be more than 95%.

Uniformity of liposome: This is achieved by filtering blank liposome suspension by the microporous membrane with the corresponding pore diameter.

Particle size: The average particle size of novel liposome is 50-200nm.

Enhanced stability: A part of a hydrophobic chain segment of the hydrophobic-modified dextran enters into a hydrophobic layer of the liposome due to entropy driving, which enhances the stability of the internal structure of the liposome.

Good re-dispersion capacity: The liposome has uniform dispersion, shape and appearance.

Low cost: The synthesis method of the modified dextran is simple, feasible and low cost.

Preservation: The liposome can also be freeze-dried for preservation.