Dansyl Molecular Probe

360ip Partner’s invention relates to the synthesis and application of novel dansyl molecular probes used for detecting apoptosis. Generally, dansyls are fluorophores that are used as markers and are conjugated to larger molecular probes. However, 360ip’s Partner has designed novel dansyl molecules that have the ability to act as selective and specific probes for apoptosis. The dansyl probes can be used directly to bind to apoptotic cells, thereby serving the function of a probe and a marker.

The probes have the following benefits:

Are organic micro-molecules with relatively simple structures as compared to the probes in current use. Can be synthesized with ease using easily available raw materials. High derivatization can be achieved by changing different functional groups to regulate the biochemical characteristics of the molecular probes.

Have a fast metabolism in vivo, and thus will clear from the body soon after administration.
Are simple molecules that are not proteins. This makes them less sticky, and thus non-specific interactions occur less often.

Selectively bind to the apoptotic cells.

Are intrinsically fluorescent and there is no need to label them.