The technology developed by 360ip’s partner relates to a recombinant enzyme with improved properties and yield over conventional products in the market. It addresses the problem of the low rate of production of β-Mannanases directly from Aspergillus niger and the fact that the optimal temperature range does not match the internal temperature of most animals.The key advantages associated with this technology are as follows:

The β-Mannanase of this invention has higher thermal stability as compared with β-Mannanases obtained from Aspergillus sulphureus and Bacillus subtilis. In addition, its optimal temperature range is closer to the rumen of most animals. The β-Mannanase functions at an optimum pH of 5.0, and has good stability at pH: 3.0-7.0. It easily exerts its function in the stomach (pH of about 3.0) and intestinal tract (pH of about 6.0) of pigs & poultry.

The technology achieves a yield of more than 75%.