Artificial Blood Vessels/Vascular Grafts

360ip’s Partner developed a technology for artificial blood vessels for use as vascular grafts that is able to withstand the high-pressure environment of arterial flow. Prior to this, no tissue-engineered artificial blood vessels could withstand the high-pressure environment.

In addition, the artificial blood vessels/vascular grafts developed by 360ip’s Partner have the following advantages:

Composed of viable tissue that is able to contract in response to hemodynamic forces and chemical stimuli.

High interconnectivity between pores and an optimal mechanical strength.

High cell seeding and proliferation efficiencies.

High and long-term patency rates, high burst strength, low compliance mismatch, lack of thrombogenicity, resistance to infections and off-the-shelf availability.

Has excellent mechanical properties such as flexibility and elasticity and provides appropriate biodegradation time so that it can be used in manufacturing bio-degradable porous polymeric scaffolds suitable for regeneration of soft tissues such as skin and blood vessels, and medical materials such as medical matrix and wound coverings.