Oil Sensor

The impact of oil degradation and contamination on lubrication equates to billions of dollars per year in lost productivity, maintenance and replacement costs. From power plants, to steel mills to aircraft engines, this issue spans the industries that drive our economy.

One example relates to the rapidly growing wind turbine industry. In addition to the baseline downtime resulting from calm winds, a typical wind turbine experiences an additional 20-25% in downtime due to gear train and trim problems. Other potential applications include remote pumping and storage facilities as well as chemical/petrochemical processing plants.

There is a need for a consistent, high-quality, real-time, cost-effective oil condition sensor that
measures and reports chemical degradation, total contamination and water content in oil, as well as
oil temperature, all simultaneously in a single unit.

360ip Partner’s technology is the only available solution that meets all of the needs of the market. It provides the data in real time within a single, cost-effective sensor. The Integrated Oil-Quality Sensor Principle Investigator has been a leader in oil-quality analysis research and oil- monitoring sensor design since 1995.