Process for Extracting Low Mg/Li Ratio Li Salt from High Mg/Li Ratio Brine Lakes

The additional cost incurred using conventional processes to reduce the magnesium content in high Mg/Li ratio brine lakes restricts lithium extraction to low Mg/Li ratio brine lakes, and results in the underutilization of existing lithium resources. 360ip’s partner has developed a novel, integrated process that solves this problem. This process has been successfully applied to brine solution from a brine lake with a Mg/Li ratio of 21 to produce a processed solution with a Mg/Li ratio of 0.41. The key advantages associated with this technology are as follows:

Crystallization process allows easy removal of crystallized magnesium with filtration and washing process.

Utilization of a spray-drying process allows a significant amount of the magnesium chloride to be hydrolyzed at a lower temperature than normal.

Low cost and high magnesium removal efficiency.