360ip provides technology advisory services for:

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  • Strategic Planning Services
    • Technology-oriented companies have a set of distinctive needs when conducting their strategic planning.Traditional consulting companies often do not have a sufficient understanding of a corporation’s technologies, products and markets in order to support them in a truly meaningful and impactful way.

      360ip, either alone or in conjunction with our many partners including Battelle, provides this required expertise. The location of our staff throughout Asia also affords us with an intimate understanding of the unique cultural and business environments within those countries.

      Projects have ranged from the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan for a major materials company intending to grow its life science-related business to supporting a major manufacturing company in its strategy to enter the medical products industry.

      Such strategic planning needs are not exclusive to corporations with governments often requiring similar support. For example, 360ip developed the Business Plan for centralized Technology Transfer Office in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Management of Innovation Centers
    • Research and development funding, particularly from government sources, often only advances IP to the discovery stage before funding is discontinued. On the other hand, industry is often very reluctant to license technologies at this level of maturity given the inherent technical and market risks that remain to be mitigated. Even under circumstances where industry is willing to take that risk, the value of the license often is greatly diminished.This gap is referred to as the “Valley of Death” where many innovations have reached their demise due to a lack of funding.

      360ip is playing a major role in building bridges over this Valley of Death. For example, we founded and operate the Centre for Open Innovation Development in Singapore through Techbridge Ventures, a joint venture with Nanyang Technological University. With funding from the Singaporean government as well as from individual companies, the Centre advances technologies to a more commercial state and then commercializes them, primarily via Singaporean SMEs.

  • Representation Services
    • Whether an SME or MNC, companies often require external expertise in order to enter new markets and/or geographic areas or grow their current positions in those markets and/or regions. 360ip provides such representation services across a wide array of technology areas and markets.


      These services often begin with the development by 360ip of a Business Development Plan. Once the Plan is approved, we then work side-by-side with the customer on the implementation of the Plan. Examples of products we have represented range from graphene materials to biomass gasification to the extraction of precious metals from electronic waste.


  • Commercialization Support
    • The 360ip Team includes individuals who have led Commercialization Offices at major public and private institutions. Our staff have identified, negotiated and closed dozens of commercialization transactions.

      360ip applies this experience base on behalf of our customers to allow them to monetize their IP in a manner that maximizes their returns. For example, we support MNCs in the commercialization and monetization of their non-core IP.

      360ip has partnerships with universities, research institutes, national laboratories and government agencies throughout Asia and the Middle East under which 360ip assists in the commercialization of their IP.

  • Technology and Market Analysis
    • In order for an organization to establish a strategy for the commercialization of their IP, they must first have a full understanding of the competitive positioning of that technology within the relevant marketplace(s). 360ip has developed a proprietary methodology which we have deployed to analyze hundreds of technologies in dozens of technical fields and markets. The analysis reports include:

      Description and Applications

      Novelty, Benefits and Solutions

      Competitive Technologies

      Patent Landscape

      Technology Landscape and Bundling Opportunities

      Market Opportunities and Sizes

      Regulatory Environment

      Geographic Description of Likely Markets

      Commercialization Strategy (Including Financial Models)

      SWOT Analysis

  • Training
    • The 360ip Team shares its decades of expertise with a wide array of individuals through the teaching of a number of training modules. The focus of these courses is the many elements and phases of the technology commercialization process from IP capture and protection all the way through the many challenges faced by early-stage, technology- based companies. There is extensive use of case studies drawn from the experiences of the instructors. These case studies demonstrate what has worked, and almost more importantly, what has not worked in the past. Courses range from one or two days to two weeks or more.


  • IP Triaging
    • Organizations that generate multiple pieces of IP are faced with the challenge of prioritizing that IP in terms of which to commercialize first, what patents to maintain vs. vacate, etc.

      360ip has developed a proprietary, quantitative scorecard that allows IP owners to make these prioritization decisions quickly and effectively. This ranking system, originally developed at a US National Laboratory, has been customized by 360ip after several years of use and refinement. We have analyzed thousands of patents and invention disclosures using this form and process.