Management of Innovation Centers

Research and development funding, particularly from government sources, often only advances IP to the discovery stage before funding is discontinued. On the other hand, industry is often very reluctant to license technologies at this level of maturity given the inherent technical and market risks that remain to be mitigated. Even under circumstances where industry is willing to take that risk, the value of the license often is greatly diminished.This gap is referred to as the “Valley of Death” where many innovations have reached their demise due to a lack of funding.

360ip is playing a major role in building bridges over this Valley of Death. For example, we founded and operate the Centre for Open Innovation Development in Singapore through Techbridge Ventures, a joint venture with Nanyang Technological University. With funding from the Singaporean government as well as from individual companies, the Centre advances technologies to a more commercial state and then commercializes them, primarily via Singaporean SMEs.